Welcome to my blog, Flexplosive.

Power, speed and flexibility have never been a strong point of mine. However, I decided its time for me to do something about it. Hopefully taking myself out of my comfort zone by setting myself new goals will inspire my current clients to attempt something new and exciting. Whether it is within the health and fitness industry or out of it.

During this blog I will give you an insight into; what training I do to try and reach my goals, what I eat to reach my goals, and what I do to relax and wind down.

At the start of any programme it is important to perform tests and take measurements to keep track of progressions.  Here are the exercises I picked to test at 90kg bodyweight; Hang Clean, push Press, box Jump and 40m sprint.

There were areas from these tests that I was very happy with and other areas I wasn’t so happy. In relation to my speed, this is an area that I would like to improve tons. Mostly working on technique. However, I was very happy with my Hang Clean. A body weight hang clean is pretty good going.

It is obvious I have neglected certain areas of my body, especially when first taking an interest in lifting weights. For example; not working on mobility, flexibility and performing exercises with a full range of motion. I think everyone is guilty of doing this when starting out unless you have always had a PT, S&C coaches or not ‘ego’ lifted.

I will not just be training power and flexibility. I don’t want to neglect other components such as strength, mobility, body composition and cardiovascular fitness.

I will be trying to lose as much fat as possible with nutrition during my new regime. Not just for an aesthetic and lean body. But to increase my power to weight ratio. So regular body fat percentage measurements and progress pictures will be uploaded.

New blog post soon with the results of my tests.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this, Matty.